Vitamin D has a dominant role in the body. Long term lack of Vitamin D get health problems, for example:

vitamin D structure

It is important to get appropriate Vitamin D levels to avoid listed diseases. The best natural way to charge our levels of Vitamin D is types of foods, such as cod liver, fish oil, milk (in EU it is fortified by Vitamin D), other dairy products (butter, cheese), eggs, and the sun (UV-B radiation)

The body is able to store the fat-soluble vitamin, but it should be provided for the gradual uploads.

In generals, we can eat a little food to produce Vitamin D, therefore it is largely only UV-B (sun) to produce in the body.

In summer month, we can very easily upload Vitamin D level by moderate sunbathing, if the weather is good for.

However from October to April in Hungary the weather conditions not allow to stay the sun, therefore recommend to use artificial sunlight, tanning bed.

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