Learn why vitamin D is the \'sunshine vitamin\'

I am one of those people that go to the beach, lather up with sunscreen, wear a hat, wear sunglasses and sit in the shade.

That however was not always the case. When I was much younger, I would rub baby oil and iodine all over my body and bake for hours in the sun.

Why? Well of course because all my friends did the same thing. I did not like to do it then and certainly would never do that now.

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Can Vitamin D Help Fight Off A Cold?

Young men may have more sick-free days through the cold and flu season if they take a daily vitamin D supplement, a small study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases suggests.

Vitamin D has been the center of attention in many research studies of late, with studies linking low vitamin D levels in the blood to elevated risks of type 1 diabetes and severe asthma attacks in children and heart disease, cancer and depression in adults.

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In memory of Dr. Frank Garland

Vitamin D researcher and expert, Dr. Frank C. Garland, peacefully left our Earthly plane on Tuesday, August 17 at UCSD Thornton Hospital after a nearly year-long illness.

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Vitamin D is a crucial element for life

It's that time of the year again when families go to the beach, friends lie by the pool and neighbors enjoy cookouts. It is during these times outdoors when people apply sunscreen to avoid sunburns.

But is blocking sunlight giving us a vitamin D deficiency? Forty percent of Americans are vitamin D deficient. The main cause of vitamin D deficiency is lack of sunlight exposure. This can be due to increased sunscreen use or avoidance of sunlight.

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