In memory of Dr. Frank Garland

In memory of one of the greatest contributors to human understanding of vitamin D...

Vitamin D researcher and expert, Dr. Frank C. Garland, peacefully left our Earthly plane on Tuesday, August 17 at UCSD Thornton Hospital after a nearly year-long illness.

Vitamin D Council extends our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Garland.

Dr. Garland, along with brother Dr. Cedric Garland, were the first to make the connection between vitamin D deficiency and cancer, igniting the interest of the scientific community. Today, there is evidence of as many as 20 different cancers that are responsive to vitamin D and more may be found.

For his work in the area of vitamin D and cancer prevention, Dr. Garland received the Arnold-Rikli Prize for Advancement in the Field of Photobiology.

In 2006, the International Journal of Epidemiology re-published, in its original form, the 1980 article by the Garlands concerning vitamin D and cancer prevention entitled Do sunlight and vitamin D reduce the likelihood of colon cancer?, followed by a set of commentaries on the importance of this seminal paper.

Dr. Garland's legacy is that of an invaluable gift bestowed upon humanity, a gift that will positively impact the health of many future generations. 

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